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Congratulations to the hard working team Field Orthopaedics for yet another great mention in this morning’s edition of the AFR.

Field Orthopaedics, of which I’m proud to be Chair, is a company focused on the design and manufacturing of orthopaedic devices to address the shortcomings in the extremities trauma and biological markets.

Field Orthopaedics 'micro screw'

Their innovative ‘micro screw’ was developed from concept to clearance at a fraction of the cost compared to comparable projects from traditional medical device makers, and with our recent capital raise, the company’s future is secure to bring to market a pipeline of other new products they’ve developed, including hand plates, nail systems and single-use power tools. Many of these already have US FDA approval, and have been built in consultation with practicing surgeons, so these products solve very specific and real problems, and satisfy an existing demand.