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Ilwella is pleased to announce that we are supporting Metallica Minerals (ASX: MLM) in the next development phase of its silica sand project. This project will be undertaken in the world-class Cape Flattery Dune field, in North Queensland. Thsilica sand at Cape Flattery Dune is of the highest quality globally, and with demand for ultra-clear flat glass for solar panels as strong as ever, the site iwell-positioned tcapitalise on the increasingly enterprising solar market 

Demand is equally strong for the use of silica sand in other glass-makinindustries, including fibre-optics, LCD panelsLED lights and electronicsSilica sand is one of the most used commodities on the planet, and there are just handful of ASX small caps with projects in silica sandpushing Australito compete on the global stage ithis industry.  

Metallica Minerals has raised $4.9M in total to advance the development of its Cape Flattery Dune project, with $2.2M committed by IlwellaThese are very exciting times for Metallic Minerals and the Queensland and Australian resource industries. We look forward to being a long-term investor in this project and seeing it in full production. 

“We are pleased to be joining the Metallica team on their journey to developing their high-quality Cape Flattery silica sands project. We have a strong view that the world’s appetite for high-grade Cape Flattery silica sand products will continue to grow and this project will play a key part in meeting this future demand. We believe the silica sands market represents a huge opportunity over the next decade and continue to be committed to supporting high-quality projects in this space.”  – Quentin Flannery, Ilwella Chief Investment Officer.

See the full announcement from Metallica Minerals below.